BA in Religious Studies

Isaiah Crew

Isaiah Crew, 2019

2021 Distinguished Alumni - Religious Studies

Isaiah Cruz was born in Fairfax, Virginia to a Salvadoran immigrant family whose humble roots have been the biggest influence upon his life. He is a first-generation college student, and the first person in his family to receive an undergraduate and graduate degree.

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Sehrish Khan-Williamson

Sehrish Khan-Williamson, 2011

2017 Spring Distinguished Alumni - Religious Studies

Sehrish Kahn-Williamson received two bachelor’s degrees from Mason, in English and in Religious Studies, and went on to receive her master in theological studies degree from Harvard University.

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Alex Antram

Alex Antram, 2007

2022 Distinguished Alumni - Religious Studies

Alex Antram is a conservation engagement professional with 14 years of experience in nonprofit communications and outreach, environmental education, and philanthropy focused on protecting the planet and its people. 

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Kristina L. Kotlus

Kristina L. Kotlus, 2006

2019 Distinguished Alumni - Religious Studies

Kristina Kotlus graduated from Mason in 2006. After working for a time for the United Methodist Church in Children's Ministry, she became a full-time homeschooling parent.

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Christopher Murphy

Christopher Murphy, 2005

Christopher Murphy is a technical solutions engineer for Defense Group, Inc., which advances public safety and national security through high-tech innovative solutions.