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  • Ann S. Birkelbach

    Ann S. Birkelbach

    Islamic Art & Architecture, Sacred Art of World Religions, Sacred Arts of Islam, Traditional Crafts and Cultures.


  • Maria M Dakake

    Maria M Dakake

    Director of Graduate Programs

    Associate Professor

    Islamic Thought; Qur'anic Studies; Shi'ite and Sufi Traditions; Women and Gender

  • Jetsun Deleplanque

    Jetsun Deleplanque

    Postdoctoral R & T Fellow

    Buddhism, Tibetan religion, Tibetan and Himalayan history, Bhutan, Tibetan Buddhist hagiography, Religion and politics in Asia


  • John Farina

    John Farina

    Associate Professor

    Religion and Society; Religion and Law; American Religious History

  • Alexandria Frisch

    Alexandria Frisch

    Assistant Professor

    Judaic Studies, Second Temple Literature, Dead Sea Scrolls


  • Charles Lloyd Garrettson

    Charles Lloyd Garrettson

    Assistant Professor

    Religion and Politics; Christianity; Plato; Taoism; Comparative Religion; Philosophy; Ethics; Philosophical Theology; History

  • Jaimie Gunderson

    Jaimie Gunderson

    Director of Undergraduate Programs

    Assistant Professor

    Religions of the ancient Mediterranean, New Testament/Christian origins, Late Antiquity, moral philosophy, emotion, embodied cognition, affect theory.


  • Colleen Erin Reynolds

    Colleen Erin Reynolds

    Assistant Professor

  • Young Chan Ro

    Young Chan Ro


    History of Religion; Philosophy of Religion; Comparative Religion; Chinese Philosophies and Religious Traditions; Cross-Cultural Study of Religions


  • Aziz Sachedina

    Aziz Sachedina

    IIIT Chair in Islamic Studies

    Religion and Politics; Islamic Law and Ethics; Sunni and Shiite Theologies; Biomedical Ethics; Human Rights; Democracy and Pluralism; Spirituality and Mysticism


  • John Turner

    John Turner



    American Religion; Mormonism; History of Colonial New England