Andy Daniel Thrasher

Andy Daniel Thrasher

Andy Daniel Thrasher

Adjunct Faculty

Comparative Theology and Philosophy; Philosophical Theology; Secularism; Asian Philosophy and Religion; Systematic Theology

Andrew D. Thrasher is an adjunct professor of Religious Studies at George Mason University. He is a native of Southeastern VA, and is a two time alumnus of George Mason University. He holds two master degrees in Theology and Interdisciplinary Studies and is currently pursuing his doctorate through the University of Birmingham, U.K. Raised in a secular home, he found himself at George Mason University in search of truth and love. While pursuing his studies at Mason, he delved into Indian Philosophy and Comparative Theology. After leaving Mason he became a Christian and pursued at post-graduate Master's degree in Theology at Regent University where he obtained two awards for his studies in theology and founded Ratio-Christi at Regent University. He also teaches at Tidewater Community College and American University alongside George Mason University, where he specializes in teaching comparative and Asian religions. He enjoys a good cup of coffee and enjoys reading fantasy, and any theology or philosophy that makes his head hurt. He is active in the global church planting Acts 29 network.

Current Research

Andrew D. Thrasher is currently researching post-secular everyday religiosity at the intersection of contemporary sociology of religion, postmodern thought, and cultural studies, with an emphasis on the thought of Charles Taylor. He is also active in scholarship surrounding the thought and impact of Raimon Panikkar, particularly in relation to Christian theology and western philosophy. He is currently finalizing a manuscript on Raimon Panikkar and is co-editing a volume on fantasy and theology.

Much of his work currently is on the intersection of religion and popular culture, with several forthcoming pieces on the Lion King, Game of Thrones, and Black Panther.

Selected Publications

Fantasy, Theology, and the Imagination, Edited with Austin Freeman and Fotini Toso (Forthcoming with Lexington Press/Fortress Academic).

"Valar Morghulis: Late Modern Imaginaries of Death and Nihilism in Game of Thrones," in Theology and Game of Thrones, ed. Matthew William Brake (Forthcoming).

Andrew D. Thrasher and Anthony Savari Raj, “Raimon Panikkar,” Encyclopedia of Philosophers (Last 500 Years), ed. S.R. Bhat, Bloomsbury Publishers, London (forthcoming).

“Modern Re-enchantment and Dr. Strange: Pentecostal Analogies, the Spirit of the Multiverse, and the Play on Time and Eternity” in Theology and the Marvel Universe, ed. Gregory Stevenson (Lanham, MY: Rowman and Littlefield, 2020).

Contributor, Raimon Panikkar: A Companion to his Life and Thought, ed. Peter Phan and Young-chan Ro (James Clarke & Co., 2018).


Courses Taught

RELI 100: Human Religious Experience

RELI 212: Religions of Asia

RELI 235: Religion and Literature


Andrew D. Thrasher is a Post-Graduate Doctoral Researcher at the University of Birmingham, holds a Post-Graduate Master of Theology (ThM) from Regent University (2017), and a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from George Mason University (2014).

Recent Presentations

“Cosmotheandric Renewal and the Cultivation of Creation: Practical Implications of a Christian Cosmotheandric Theology of Creation for Climate Change”— Panel: Raimon Panikkar and Climate Change, American Academy of Religion, San Diego, CA. November 22, 2019.

“Re-Enchanting Secularism: Charles Taylor, Raimon Panikkar, and the Re-Enchantment of Secular Experience” –51st Annual Meeting of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy, Bath Spa University, Bath, U. K. June 20, 2019.

“Reforming the Secular: Ecclesial Counter-formations and Ordinary Affirmations with James K. A. Smith and Charles Taylor” – Eastern Regional Conference of the Evangelical Theological Society, Lancaster, PA, April 6, 2018.