Dying to take RELI courses in the fall?

Dying to take RELI courses in the fall?

The Fall 2022 semester offers a wider variety of Religious Studies courses, many of them new and rarely offered, such as:

RELI 236, Religion and Film, taught by Fr. Alexander Webster. Roughly two dozen movies – arguably both great and entertaining – that feature Jesus of Nazareth and the early Christian movement, Judaism, Islam, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholic Christianity, Protestant Christianity, Japanese Buddhism, and “New Age” reincarnation.

RELI 240: Death and the Afterlife in World Religions, taught by a new postdoctoral fellow in Buddhism, Dr. Jetsun Deleplanque.

RELI 300: Theories and Methods in Religious Studies, taught by Dr. Jaimie Gunderson. This is a newish requirement for Religious Studies majors. How do study religion in an academic context? This course will give you the tools.

RELI 310: Judaism, taught by Rabbi Bruce Aft. This is the only required course for the 15-credit Judaic Studies minor. A one-semester introduction to the broad currents of Jewish history, culture, ethics, and thought.

RELI 312: Islam, taught by Mr. David Dakake.

RELI 313: Hinduism, taught by Dr. Prabha Reddy.

RELI 317: Daoism, taught by Prof. Young-chan Ro.

RELI 330: Religion, Fantasy, and Imagination, taught by Mr. Matthew Brake.

RELI 339: The Bible as Literature, taught by Prof. John Turner.

RELI 357: Gender and the Body in Judaism. Cross-listed with WGST. Taught by the newest faculty member to the Department of Religious Studies in Judaic Studies, Prof. Alexandria Frisch.

RELI 399-001: The Development of Hell, taught by Dr. Jaimie Gunderson. Once students register for this class, there’s no way out. No drops. No late-withdrawals. This ain’t purgatory. Just kidding. Fire and brimstone not included.

RELI 399-002: American Religion in Space and Place, taught by Prof. Lincoln Mullen. Cross-listed with History 395 (Topics in Digital History).

RELI 490: Comparative Study of Religion, taught by Prof. Young-chan Ro. This fulfills the Mason Core synthesis requirement. Religious Studies majors should take it in their senior year.